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Be on the Right Path for your Start Up with SAAG. We’re here to help you with whatever your dream needs.
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SAAG is all about strategy! We’re here to inform which tactics need artistic mindset and improvement.
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Our innovative team are capable of expressing the maximum tailored fit curriculum in the minimalistic simplistic way.
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SAAG understands the innovative Entrepreneurs and is aware of the tools that’d help the visionaries blossom seamlessly.
Start Ups
With right guidance, expertise, and advanced-tools, any start-up is capable of achieving great heights, we relentlessly strive to fulfill those needs
To sustain and prosper in this competitive world, every organization needs some visionary tools and proven methods of success, SAAG delivers you the same.
Thinking Hatke!

Our areas of Prowess

SAAG Infinite Creatives is a proven institute mastering some exclusive Artistic disciplines that boat the preliminary aspects of any artistic venture


Our SAAG Augmented & Virtual Reality Lab aims promote the use of ARVR, and 360-degree video in learning and research for all virtual events. We bring together a world-class team of researchers, developers, and engineers to create the future of AR and VR

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Greenmat Studio

Our Greenmat Studio offers a state-of-the-art chromakey green matte floor modelling studio facility, completely loaded with setup for Photography and Video Production at the city center.

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Dubbing Studio

At SAAG, We cater the leading and budding artists, studios, filmmakers across the globe with unmatched localization, infrastructure and invaluable database of talent in dubbing, subtitling, voice casting, translation, song recording and mixing.


Our expert Photographers know exactly how to capture the beauty in the mundane of everyday life with a spice of creativity in it thereby making sure concepts to broaden the contemporary photography.

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Motion Arts

With the right talent and effort, anything we can imagine can be turned into reality with the help of visual arts, SAAG trusts in the saying. Our institute embodies some of the award winning Motion graphics specialists.

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It takes real-skill to create hand-drawn animation and experience to do it efficiently and our works show how meticulously we choose the art and blend with latest technologies.

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Print Design

Print designing is the closest we can embrace any art form physically. Our extensive tools and efficient team keeps coming up with the progressive ways of printing from traditional posters to the visiting cards and pamphlets.

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Wall Murals

Concentration, dedication and creativity with experience brings the Awe-inspiring gigantic piece of Wall Murals. Time has come where people are leaning from boring plain walls to bold with wall murals.

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Digital Media

SAAG believes in the Internet and the magic of digital media, our team doesn’t restrict to the ways of blending-in with the market, but focus on the exceptional aesthetics of the website design and market its online social presence.

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Step into
Journey of Experience Design!

In this course you will able to gain the knowledge on UX/UI design in the Information technology field.
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Our Upcoming Event

Explore The
Journey of Creativity!

Get familiarised with the theory and practice of film and video editing and post-production systems.
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Master The
Photo Editing!

Our Editing course includes retouching photographs using ink or paint, airbrushing, double exposure, piecing photos or negatives together in the darkroom, scratching instant films, or through the use of software-based manipulation tools.
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Our Upcoming Event

Animate like

Right way to excel 2D animation for your business or agency to excel. Course starts in Feb.
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Our Upcoming Event

Short Term
AR VR Course

Dive through the emergence of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) as this technology is driving through unexplored avenues.
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Shaping A Better Tomorrow

What SAAG Infinite Creatives offer?

With more than a decade-long experience in and outside India, SAAG Infinite Creatives mastered various disciplines and their tools efficiently
Wall Murals
Your art is entirely capable of leaving the best impression on the visitor if it is groomed right. Not just a bit, nor too much, the right amounts of art at the right places is what you need to make your wall murals attractive.
Our experts are capable of preparing and shaping your product’s entry into the market with innovative paintings, we spread the word out turning the visitors into your customers with impact.
Where Creativity becomes History
ajitha M Saag
Good pictures convey million words. We at SAAG Infinite provide all kinds of Photography services starting from the photoshop courses to the photography services at a wide range.
Motion Graphics
From the Hitchcock’s domain of Motion graphics to the Green mat studio services, graphics is a continuously evolving area of visual art, SAAG infinite’s staff are well aware and are experts at this.
Post Production
Our experts excel and out-do themselves in this area as they understand and value the impact of the presentation of any forms of art. Be it the animation work, or the feature film shoot, post-production is the deed of the finale that affects the results.
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You’re In Good Company

Our collaboration with
InAni Media

The upcoming projects of SAAG Infinite are associated with InAni Media to assure the quality 2D 3D animations 

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Media & Production Hub, News Paper Ads, Digital Media, App Design, Short Films, Animation 2D, 3D, Graphic Design, Wedding Events, Editing, Post Production, Music Videos, Documentaries, TV Commercials

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